Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

A complete guide on how we ship our kittens
To ship kittens is a complex process that requires a careful planning and consideration to make sure that, their safety and well-being  of the kittens are guarantee.
In this guide, we are going to show you the various steps that are involved in shipping our kittens including, preparation, transportation, legal requirements and best practices.  So by following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both the kittens and their new home.


We prepare all our kittens adequately to minimize stress and potential health risks during transit. Some of the steps that are outline to make our shipping policy the best are below:
1. Health check: We usually schedule a thorough health examination for our kittens by a licensed veterinarian to ensure they are up-to date with their vaccinations, deworming and flea treatments. Obtain a health certificate issued by the veterinarian , which may be required for interstate or international travel.
2. Age and Weight :  All our kittens are at least eight weeks old and a minimum weight of 2pounds before being shipped. This is to make sure that, they are developmentally ready for their journey and have sufficient body mass to regulate their temperature.
3. Socialization:  We also make sure that, all our kittens socialize and comfortable with other animals and human interaction. This will reduce anxiety during transit and make the transition to their new homes a smooth one.
4. Crate Training:  We introduce our kittens to their new travel crates gradually to make it a positive experience by providing treats and toys inside. This is to help them acclimate  to the confined space and reduce stress during transportation.
5. Identification:  It’s very crucial in case of any unforeseen circumstances or if they accidentally escape during transit . So we make sure that , our kittens has a proper identification such as microchips or collars with tags containing contact information. Shipping Policy for all our kittens is just outstanding

Transportation options:

1. Air Travel: The fastest and most efficient way of shipping a kitten is by air especially for long-distance or international journeys.  We follow airline regulations regarding pet travel. The kittens will be transported in a climate-controlled cargo area , separate from passengers.

2. Ground Transport: For shorter distances, ground transport can be a viable option. This can include hiring professional pet transport services or personally driving the kittens to their destination. Ensure that the vehicle is well-ventilated, secure, and equipped with appropriate carriers.

3. Courier Services: There are some courier services which are specialize in pet transportation. They often provide door-to-door delivery ,ensuring  minima handling and stress for the kittens

Legal requirements: To ship kittens, it involve some various legal requirements to ensure compliance with local, national and international regulations.  Some of the key points are outline below. We offer the best Shipping Policy
1. Domestic shipping: Before we ship our kittens within the same country, we make sure that we follow certain role and regulation of each particular state because some state requires health certificate, proof of vaccinations or permits for transporting pets . So we make sure to follow those laws and you have  all the necessary certificates.
2. International shipping: To Ship our kittens internationally , we follow all the regulations of each country because countries do differ in terms of pet import/export . Most countries requires health certificate,  vaccinations, quarantine periods and microchipping. We have navigated all these procedures for you to make sure that, the process of adopting one of our kittens is very easy and simple.
3. Breed-specific restrictions:  Some breeds may face restrictions or regulations due to their unique characteristics health risk. So we have also make sure all our kittens for sale are risk-free from any disease.
Shipping Policy

Best practices:

We have ensured a comfortable journey for all our kittens. Some of the best practices include;

1. Proper packaging:  We used a well-ventilated crates that are appropriate in size for each kitten.  We line the crates with absorbent bedding and provide a familiar blanket and toys to offer comfort during transit.
2. Food and water: We avoid feeding kittens for several hours before travel to minimize the risk of motion sickness. However, we also ensure that , they have access to fresh water throughout the journey to their new home.
Temperature regulation: We maintain a comfortable temperature within the transportation vehicle or crate.  We avoid exposing our kittens to extreme heat or cold , as they are more susceptible to temperature-related stress.
4. Communication: We keep all our customers informed about the shipping process like departure and arrival times, tracking information and necessary documentation which they need upon the arrival of their kittens.
5. A follow-up: After our customers have received their kittens, we follow up with the new owners to ensure a smooth transition and address any health concerns if need be, and also provide them with guidance on acclimating the kittens to their new environment .
With us, shipping of your loving kittens are safe …
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