Arthur | Munchie Cat

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Breed: Munchkin Cat

Sex: Male

Age: 11 Weeks
Status: Available
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Pedigree: Yes
Quality: Show Potential
Registered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up-to-Date Parents tested HCM, PKD, FELV, FIV all negative, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, very adaptable to new environment. One Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Arthur is just an 11 weeks old munchie cat. He is an adorable and playful little feline with unique physical characteristics . Munchkin cats are well-known for their short legs which is a natural genetic mutation. Despite his short legs, he is full of energy and curiosity. His personality is very charming and captivating . He literally steals the hearts of many that meet him. Arthur’s short legs add to his distinctive waddling gait that adds to his cuteness . His fur color is fabulous and so attractive. We have this munchkin kitten for adoption.

Personality of The Munchie Cat | Arthur The Munchkin kitten for Adoption

Arthur has started exploring his surroundings with great enthusiasm because of his fast growing and developing. Despite his short legs, it has not hindered his ability to climb or jump ,in fact, it has made him even more agile and nimble. He loves to play with toys, pouncing on them with precision. It is very important to provide him with a safe and stimulating environment. Young kittens like Arthur, have boundless energy and it is very important to provide them with plenty of mental and physical stimulation like exercise regularly, interaction with toys, scratching posts and climbing structures to keep him entertained and to prevent boredom.

Health Maintenance of Munchie Cat | Here is Arthur

We have been providing Arthur with a balanced diet to maintain his growth and overall health. We also make sure to give him high-quality kitten food which contains all the necessary nutrients formulated specifically for him. We follow his feeding guidelines as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian or the food manufacturer making sure that he receives the appropriate portion of food sizes. A regular veterinary check-up is very important at this stage of his growth. Vaccination, deworming treatments to keep him healthy and protect him against feline disease.

A Day in The life of Arthur from Morning to Night

Arthur is a typical munchie cat with a unique quirk – his insatiable appetite for anything edible. A day in his life begins as he wakes up from his beauty sleep and stretches his fluffy body. He then heads to his food bowl, eagerly anticipating his breakfast. After satisfying his munchies, Arthur retreats to the windowsill to soak in the morning sun and watch the world go by. As the day progresses, he takes numerous power naps, keeping his energy levels up. Occasionally, he makes his way to his owner’s lap, demanding some affection and attention. As twilight starts to set in, Arthur gears up for his evening meal, ready to satisfy his insatiable appetite once again. Finally, after a long, tiring day, he cozies up in his favorite spot, dreaming of his next munchie conquest.

Arthur’s Training Process

Arthur is a well socialized Munchkin kitten for adoption because we have been introducing him to different animals, people and environments from a young age which have helped him to become confident and friendly at home. Positive training techniques and gentle handling should be used to build a strong bond with him. He is generally friendly and sociable. Loves the companion of humans and often gets along with other pets around him. But it is very essential to monitor his interaction between him and larger animals to ensure their safety. Finally, Arthur’s short legs add to his charm and agility, making him an adorable and a playful companion. It’s very interesting to watch him explore his surroundings. Always provide him with a balance due, proper socialization, veterinary care and a stimulating environment that will ensure that he grows to be happy and healthy.

Buy our munchie cat and enjoy full of happiness in your daily life.

3 reviews for Arthur | Munchie Cat

  1. Selina

    Thanks for your fast delivery. Though I didn’t get same kitten as picture but my kitten is very similar. The kitten is in good healthy now. I give him a name. He responses if I call him “Pippo”.

  2. Alisa

    Thanks for sending this amazing kitty. It always want to sit beside me.

  3. Mason Taylor

    This kitty is very playful. I am so happy to get it.

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