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Breed: Munchkin Cat

Sex: Male

Age: 10 Weeks
Status: Available
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Pedigree: Yes
Quality: Show Potential
Registered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up-to-Date Parents tested HCM, PKD, FELV, FIV all negative, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, very adaptable to new environment. One Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Are you ready to welcome a delightful bundle of joy and overflowing cuteness into your loving home? Look no further! We have some munchkin kittens for sale. Among them Marley is one. He is an enchanting 10-week-old Munchkin gato who possesses a personality that is just as charming as his mesmerizing appearance. Marley is so much more than a mere pet; He is an incredibly affectionate furry friend who will fill your days with immeasurable love, contagious laughter, and countless moments of pure joy that will last a lifetime. Let’s know all about Marley.

All About Marley |  Munchkin Kittens for Sale

Marley is a 10 week old munchkin gato. He has always been a bundle of joy because of his short legs and his playful nature , and he has captured the hearts of many he meets. There are many characteristics, care and unique traits that have made Munchkin cats so special. Munchkin kittens are well known for their short legs which is a result of a genetic mutation. Apart from their diminutive stature, munchkin kittens are agile and very active cats. And Marley is not exceptional like that. His adorable stubby legs can not be underrated , his small size makes him more endearing and irresistible. Marley’s most striking feature is his playful nature. He loves to walk around and engage in various activities. He can literally spend hours chasing toys and rolling on imaginary prey, climbing on furniture that will keep him interactive so that it can keep him mentally stimulated and physically active.

Stunning Coat and Expressive Eyes | Munchkin kittens for Sale

Marley is a truly beautiful domesticated animal, exhibiting a lustrous and visually captivating coat that features an enchanting pattern. Their fur showcases a delightful blend of diverse colors and textures, rendering them an incredibly captivating and aesthetically pleasing companion. Marley’s impressively expressive eyes cannot be overlooked, as they truly reflect their inherent intelligence, curiosity, and a subtle touch of playful mischievousness.

Vet Checked and Vaccinated

We always give Marley a proper nutrition and a balanced diet which is very essential for his growth and overall well-being. We regularly take him to a licensed veterinarian to determine the kind of food for him. We provide him with high quality food which is rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals to support his development. Still, we have been doing a constant check up on Marley’s health to ensure he remains in optimal condition. Deworming treatment, vaccinations are always necessary to prevent him against common feline disease recommended by the veterinarian. Grooming is also one of the ways we care for him . A constant brushing to remove loose fur and prevent it from matting. This is not only to keep Marley clean but to also strengthen the bond between Marley and his owner. Regular dental care is also important for him. If you are looking for munchkin kittens for sale, then you should be aware of their care requirements.

Ideal Home: Welcoming and Loving

Marley is currently in search of a forever home that is filled with warmth, love, and affection. Whether you are a first-time pet owner or a seasoned cat enthusiast, this munchkin gato’s adaptable nature and friendly disposition make you an excellent match for a diverse range of households. Get ready to be captivated by Marley’s companionship and create cherished memories that will bring joy for years to come. Do hurry and take our munchkin kittens for sale offers.

Adoption Package: What’s Included
  • Marley’s health records and vaccination history
  • A starter kit with Marley’s favorite toys and treats
  • Information on grooming and care to ensure a smooth transition
  • A lifetime of unconditional love and companionship

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  1. Grace Cooper

    Thanks for sending same looking kitten. It is really very playful. I brought some toys for him and he loves to play with the toys.

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